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04 January 2017 @ 05:25 pm
You broke yourself  
Why haven't you learnt...
You may really love him, but you gotta learn how to love right.
Being jealous of possibilities is crazy making.
He has not done a thing to not deserving your trust.
Please stop thinking that he will abandon you. He is not like those you once knew. And even if he does, it might be triggered by how you deal with thing.
Haven't you been hurt enough?
Why are you making someone so sincere now so scared to say things to you.
All because of your reaction.
Pamper your inner child Aida.
Love her enough.
Tell her that everything happens for a reason.
Things might last. Or not.
Doesn't mean your life would continue or stop depending on it.
You are precious.
Love yourself more than this...
Love yourself the same way you love him.
And trust him as you trust yourself.
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